The Fire Siren

07 Sep 2021

August was definitely an interesting month for all of us and a very busy one for the Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade with 18 calls in total, 14 of those in the first three weeks. 

We backed up the Coromandel Volunteer Fire Brigade at a shed fire and responded to four calls relating to smoke that turned out to be controlled burns. We attended two hazardous substance calls involving picric acid and attended four motor vehicle accidents, one of which was a concrete truck that rolled, partly blocking the road for several hours. 

We were also called to an apartment fire, where the occupant was extremely lucky to escape and spent several days in hospital. We also attended two house fires, one of which resulted in significant damage to the house and vehicles involved.

Thankfully we have only had four calls since lockdown and all of those have been to investigate private fire alarm activations.

Under Covid-19 protocols, our response to calls is a little different. Crews are limited to four and everyone wears personal protection equipment, including gloves and face masks. For medical calls we wear disposable gowns as well. On return from calls we have to sanitise our appliances and anything we touch on station. This is to protect not only ourselves but our families we go home to. 

Please be safe out there and don't light any unnecessary fires. We can all get through this if we work together.

Derek Collier   

Whitianga Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Fire Officer