Police Report - Monday, 30 August to Monday, 6 September 2021

07 Sep 2021


On 30 August a burglary was reported that had occurred at the Whitianga Marina overnight. Fishing rods and reels were taken from a boat parked within the compound.

On the 1 or 2 September a vehicle parked next to Countdown had all four tyres taken. These tyres are quite distinctive Maxxis Mud Tyres.

On 2 September a burglary was reported that had occurred at a Cooks Beach address where the entire dwelling was searched by the offenders.

With the recent Covid Alert Level 3 lockdown, several people are still being caught breaching the lockdown rules. If you want to fish, fish locally and not a few bays over. Fishing is allowed Under Level 3 off the beach, not from the rocks, a boat or kayak.


One arrest this week for the burglary of a local car repair yard where petrol had been siphoned from five vehicles. A local person will be appearing in the courts on this matter.


On 31 August an assault occurred where the victim was parked up listening to music. They were punched through the open window by an unknown female on a scooter. If anyone observed this, can you please advise the Police to assist in the identity of the offender.

On 1 September a local person was stopped after shoplifting at New World. A court date has been set for them to appear on charges.

On 2 September threats were made by persons unlawfully walking through private property in Opito Bay so they could go fishing. All were spoken to and Level 3 conditions reinforced to them as well as their behaviour.

Also on 2 September two people were walking their dog along Moewai Road when it jumped the paddock fence next to the Whitianga Bike Park and attacked a sheep. Locals in the area were concerned, but the two persons became quite disorderly and threatening in attitude. They will be spoken to about this.

On 4 September at a Cook Drive address, a young couple had a verbal disagreement with both parties spoken to by the Police.

On 5 September at a Moewai Park Road address, a married couple were spoken to after a verbal argument.


No traffic complaints this week.

Restraints, impairment, distractions and speed are traffic targets this month, so please wear your seatbelt, don’t drive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, don’t use your cell phone while driving and drive within the applicable speed limits. Drive safe and drive well.