Fishing Report - Issue 953

08 Jun 2021

Some impressive snapper have been landed last week in the shallows and in close. Whole pilchards and squid were the bait flavours of the week. 

Snapper are hard on the bite around the islands and in the channels. A good tip is to pick your wind and tides and align both up, so you aren’t fishing tide against wind. Anchor up in the current and berley up hard.

Keeping your berley pot shallower and on a short line alongside the boat hull does two things - it can prevent a prop mishap when you up anchor to leave and forget to pull the pot in (yes, we have all done it) and it deters our favorite alpha predators, bronze whalers and makos, destroying your pot (well maybe not so much makos). 

Live baits have been a little scarce in the Bay last week with the water temperature dropping to around 16°C in the shallows.

Hapuku and bluenose are on the bite out deep in 300 to 400m of water and Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club members landed or tagged and released no less than four broadbill swordfish last week.

Just a warning to boaties, watch out for debris and logs floating around after the storms of the past few weeks. There are some large logs about in close and out wide. There have also been some significant sand movements making some of the places normally easily accessible now non-accessible.

Be safe out there. Keep an eye on the weather and if in doubt, don’t go.

Tony Marsters

Warfish Charters

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Pictured: Mercury bay Game Fishing Club member, Ben Sullivan, at the broadbill swordfish he landed on Thursday last week.

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