Making time for the mums in our lives

04 May 2021

No matter what age or stage they are at, when it comes to the mums in our lives, arguably the most valuable thing we can give them is time. Depending on circumstances, that could involve sharing our time with them, but it could also mean ensuring they get some precious time to themselves. 

Getting out and about for a fun family day is bliss for some of us, but if juggling young kids (or even temperamental teenagers) is part of the daily routine, pampering with a glass a wine and some peace and quiet might for some be a more appealing option.

Informer contributor, Suzanne Hansen, recently experienced the joy of a shared outing with her mother-in-law, Ruth. Ruth moved to Whitianga last October to be closer to daughter-in-law, Suzanne, and son, Mark. After some months of settling in to her new home, Suzanne was keen to encourage Ruth to get to know more people in the community and decided the best way to do that was to go along for the ride, with Whitianga Senior Citizens Club settled upon as a good first step.

“Ruth is not naturally comfortable with joining new clubs or meeting new friends, so I decided I would spend the day there too, although at my tender age of 61, I am not quite ready to consider myself a senior citizen,” Suzanne laughs. “Ruth and I went along and although Ruth was somewhat anxious about such a new experience, we were made to feel very welcome. We were met at the door by club president, Adrian Telders, and from there introduced and welcomed around the room. We were given the run-down and told to join in whatever game tickled our fancy. 

“Ruth is an avid card player, so we gravitated that way. Ruth joined a table with three others and she was completely welcomed. The game was 500 which she had never played, so she was hesitant, but the ladies at the table said, ‘Sit down and we will teach you.’”

Suzanne says while the intent of the visit was to support her mother-in-law, she herself thoroughly enjoyed the connections made and was touched by the positive and open ambiance. “Teaching and learning a new card game can be daunting, but because of the non-competitive nature of the club, they took Ruth under their wings and they were patient and nurturing,” she says. “There were a few card tables in play so when one table claimed 500, they rotated folk so that there were constantly new people to meet. It was lovely how relaxed and jovial everyone was, and the mix of men and ladies and ages was great to see.”

The mood was so good that Ruth, and potentially Suzanne too, will be making a return visit. “It is a club for over 55s, but anyone can join in and there was a range of ages,” says Suzanne. “With 40 to 50 people turning up each Monday, it is clearly a club which keeps active.” 

Suzanne was delighted that their day out together had not only paid off (Ruth had an absolute blast) but had also helped her uncover quite a gem on the Whitianga social scene that she hadn’t previously known about. All round, a pretty good outcome from a day out with the mum in your life. 

Pictured: Informer contributor, Suzanne Hansen, with her mother-in-law, Ruth.


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