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Why are socialists so rude these days?

I was watching a Parliament broadcast recently, one that showed Green Party member Julie Anne Genter vault out of her seat to cross the floor and start screaming at Government MP Matt Doocey, waving a paper about and generally looking ferocious. How rude I thought.
 |  Trevor Ammundsen  | 

Matt was obviously taken aback. He is a mild-mannered West Coast boy who would not be used to such attacks from either his mother or wife. I thought that maybe this was a one-off display of rudeness, after all Ms Genter is American born so possibly this is acceptable behaviour for their womenfolk.

Upon giving this matter a bit more thought however, I decided you couldn’t blame her American bloodline. After all there are other examples of rudeness such as Green Party Co-Leader Chloe Swarbrick shrilly accusing the Prime Minister of lying to Parliament regarding climate change. She did eventually admit her error and apologise but the rudeness was there for all to see. And then there is the systematic shop lifting of MP Gloriz Ghahraman, also a Green Party member. To casually walk into anybody’s place and steal stuff is extremely rude. She was obviously ashamed of herself and is now gone from our Parliament.

The Green Party likes to claim the moral high ground but if they want this claim to be accepted they have to start being polite. Another example of rudeness would be their co-leader, Marama Davis, loudly proclaiming that domestic violence was caused by white CIS males. That her statement was easily proven to be false was one thing, but her refusal to withdraw it and apologise was rude to us all.

It is not just the Greens that seem to have no concept of what is or is not rude. For example a Te Pati Maori MP, Mariameno Kapa-Kingi, recently made the accusation that “This Government will not waver in its mission to exterminate Maori”. Well, what a rude and untrue comment, and stupid. After all we are so interbred, how could anyone exterminate just the Maori part without causing severe damage to the whole and vis a versa. It was a pleasure to see the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister stand up to this comment by responding “Kapa-Kingi is either dangerously ignorant or she believes what she said is true. The most frightening thing is it is probably both”.

There are plenty of other examples of rudeness from the left. An example is the then Speaker Trevor Mallard’s hospitality towards guests in Wellington who wished to discuss aspects of Covid Vaccinations. A polite person would converse with his guests but not Mr Mallard, he turned the sprinklers on and started playing Barry Manilow records at high volume. Extremely rude behaviour.

You would never get that from the Libertarians as they wouldn’t own a Barry Manilow record. Maybe they would have offered a relaxing Pink Floyd tune but definitely no sprinklers.

The examples from the left go on and on. You can get great material from people such as Willie Jackson and many others but the point is that we shouldn’t be expected to put up with such bad manners. Clever politicans can use humour and gain much better effect, and greater support.

For example Tau Henare, when referring to Hone Harawira – “So racist he has chocolate milk in his cup of tea”. The master was of course, David Lange who commented about Robert Muldoon “I wouldn’t call the Prime Minister gutless. That’s all that’s left of him”. He also made comment about Peter Dunne “A man whose life is so boring that if it flashed past, he wouldn’t be in it”.

The point I am trying to make is that the modern socialist politician seems to have lost the wit of their predecessors.

Being rude does not make you clever, does not make you respected. The socialists need to get off their high horse, assuming that their “rightness” excuses bad behaviour. To fail to do so is just rude.