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NOT pro-Jewish, NOR anti-German – but ABOUT LIFE for EVERYONE!

My play ‘Getting Through’ is based on events which happened in Auschwitz Concentration camp in the Second World War. Obviously, anything that is based on events that happened in that location must inevitably be horrific. However, against that dark background shafts of light pierce through. It is these shafts of light that I want my play to highlight.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

I wrote the play, ‘Getting Through’ in 1973. It is based on Victor Frankl’s best seller ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. This book which has never been out of print has sold 17 million to this date. The book stunned me. I felt it contained insights into dealing with personal life-threatening traumas that many were facing in my suburb, Warrandyte, in the city of Melbourne, Australia. I named the play ‘Getting Through’ because I believed it contained clues as to how individuals could ‘get through’ their life-threatening traumas and depressions . I still believe that.

Victor Frankl (deceased – September 1997) read the play in 1974, approved of my script and personally wrote to give me permission to produce this play.

I have lived in Whitianga for one year. Predictably I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the Peninsula. I have made many wonderful friends. But I have become aware of the blight of loneliness and depression. I thought to myself, my play ‘Getting Through’ could help lots of people – myself included. I still think that.

The project of producing this play has generated some responses I had not anticipated.

The strongest one is that I am promoting some racial agenda, in particular pro-Jewish sentiments.  The background to these comments is the dreadful Jewish/Hamas war in Gaza. This implication never crossed my mind.  Some members of the inner circle of my family are Moslem. Not one person in our family tree is Jewish.  The play is about finding meaning to live. Everyone needs that.

On the other hand, some people see it as being critical/condemning of the German people.  This play truthfully reflects the brutalizing effects of war and the effects of the insane philosophy of Adolf Hitler. It is certainly not a condemnation of the Germanic peoples. Personally, I count Germans as amongst my closest friends.

I have been nervous about attempting to stage this acted reading in Whitianga. It requires many readers, a venue with sound and light. Is it possible? Finding the people and the facility to stage my play, the Monkey House, Molly and Kaspur, has been amazing/overwhelming. I can only say ‘thank you’ to the many people who have stepped forward to help. Come and see the play