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If pills are better than sex… will humans keep on making babies?

II follow the daily news in three countries, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Almost every day, in all of these countries, there is something in their news about drugs – injectables, smokable and increasingly drugs in pill form. Governments, customs, police and/or military in all three countries, at huge expense, are trying to combat the importation and distribution of these illegal substances.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

Fifty years ago, USA President, Richard Nixon, launched ‘the war on drugs’. Currently costing the US $50 billion annually, this is a war the USA is not winning.

Why? It’s because throughout the western world, more and more people like taking drugs; poor people, rich people, media people, film stars; they really ‘like’ drugs.

This war is failing for the same reason Prohibition failed. Whatever people say in public, in private, they want the buzz drugs bring in their parties, and then eventually, disastrously, in their daily lives.

Some of the glamorous, rich and famous of recent times have died tragically at an early age. Only later do we learn their death is related to substance abuse – drugs.

When it comes to hard drugs, I have read many accounts from users that the drug highs are better than sexual experiences. It seems that once you go down this pill popping trail, is it possible, probable(?) that drugs will become more important than sex.

In the last few years there has been a decline in sexual activity in the United States, and the trend in Australia appears to be similar. Declining sexual activity has reached alarming proportions in South Korea and Japan. Is this related to pill-popping etc? Maybe?

I’m enthusiastic about babies. All over the western world and in South Korea and Japan in particular, the number of babies born is declining year by year.

We used to fear over-population. Now for many countries, for example, central European countries, the threat to their society comes from de-population.

Bulgaria, with its streets of empty houses, is a clear example of this.

Am I just a grumpy old man complaining about younger people having fun? I don’t think so. I want to be an advocate for the joy of sexual activity. I am especially enthusiastic about sexual relationships where there is the possibility of making babies. Why? Because we need more babies. The western world needs more babies, our communities need more babies.


(1) I realise a small portion of the decline is represented by those couples who, despite years of trying, even with medical assistance, cannot have children.

(2) I know that poor people in poverty-stricken countries are having too many babies. They need contraceptive help that provides alternative life opportunity.

(3) Exploitive sex and non-consensual sex is criminal and as such should be punished under law.

However, in this piece I am talking about ordinary people in developed western nations. These are the very countries in which birthrates are declining and de-population is looming or is already a fact. I think consensual sexual intercourse is the most pleasurable of all human activity. I detest the thought that it could be displaced by some substance or pill or an injection.

As a citizen of the developed world, I would like to see more babies and so do the governments of all these countries.

When babies and children are loved, they change societies, making them more gentle, more playful, and more hopeful.

And here’s a biggie – less likely to want to wage war. This proposition is not easy to grasp but it is true.

However, I wish to make clear that I am not saying the only reason to have sex is to conceive children.

What can I do about dethroning pills and drugs as the source of most pleasure? Well, I could write about the obvious – the homeless addicts on the streets of western cities.

They didn’t start out to be addicts – just party-goers looking for a buzz. Instead, I have chosen to write about the joy of sexual relationships with my bias towards sex in committed relationships. In the face of the enormity of the problem of drug – taking and pill popping in our culture, my few paragraphs may seem a bit lame. But, it’s a my personal protest. I sense it’s better than saying nothing.