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A rundown on the slow removal of freedoms that we once had without controls

As said before, in 1952 we began development of the 200-hectare peat block. I drove onto the land and began clearing. No resource consent, we never talked to a single soul about what we were doing. Later, we established the airfield and again the only requirement was to have a smooth enough strip for aircraft to land and take off.
 |  Malcolm Campbell  | 

Today, all councils have myriad controls over any number of operations and noise limitations. Literally any development is choked to death at huge cost to the developer, whether he/she is allowed to proceed or not. Worse, the cost is siphoned off into the hands of councils, consultants, lawyers, judges, all waxing rich off the backs of people who  simply wish to improve their lives.


• After the Second World War New Zealand had three tiers of Local Government. Catchment Boards, Borough and County Councils. Local people elected local people to these bodies.

• Branch railway lines cited as uneconomic were pulled up for scrap in the 1960s and 1970s. Those lines had been a lifeline and including bridges and emba ‘were’ once economic.

• First sign of outright change, in 1980 a revamped Town and Country Planning Act unleashed council plans imposing controls on subdivisions and a raft of  restrictions.

• In 1989, a number of counties were amalgamated, whether the people in those areas were in favour or not. Forced amalgamations by the State.

• Immediately after, in 1989 Catchment Boards, Counties and Boroughs were swept away by Government and replaced by Eleven Regional Councils and 78 District Councils.

• In 1991 the Resource Management Act was passed into law. The State, ‘using’ the new Regional and District Councils seized control of your property. Sec.9 RMA

• The RMA instituted a system of bribery to force the payment of fees to the councils for property holders to have any enjoyment of or on their respective properties.

• The State via the Councils and Courts ordered prosecution of any spill of natural waste and functions, while allowing the release of deadly poisons.

• The State already has control of your vehicles and in 2012 seized control of your livestock through the National Animal and Identification Tracing system by registration.

• Health and Safety at Work Act in 2015 enabled the State to  fine employers through courts for any personal employee carelessness or any death by misadventure.

• Your right to ‘issue a promise to pay’ as in, write a cheque, was taken in May 2021. Did you ask for any of the above actions?

• Banks were also closed in  many rural towns. Driving to larger centres was your inconvenience.

• Next Post Offices were closed and relocated as Post Shops in order to have you queue behind book and lotto buyers.

• Climate Change. Who says so,

where is the concrete proof, undeniable proof of significant change, other than parroting the words of some attention-grabbing pseudo scientist.

• Then the carbon credits, plant the land in pine trees to save the planet. One tree can make a million matches, one match can destroy a million trees. Where does the carbon go?

• Replacing rural employed and productive people with pine trees to save the planet which is being destroyed by hundreds of tons of poison released annually by the authorities.

• Dams of a specified height and holding certain volumes of water to be inspected for safety reasons after May 2024. Another imposition restricting freedom to farm.

• Quickly followed by ‘Fresh Water Farm Plans’ by July 2025 at farmers expense, and why?, The authorities regularly poison water with every poison known.

• Without sunshine soil and water, there is nothing; nothing at all. The authorities poion the soil and water, fortunately they have not been able to destroy the sun as yet.

Farming, Fishing and Mining:

Your comfortable lifestyle is underpinned by only, three sectors of the community;  namely, Farming, Fishing and Mining.

1. Farming supplies food, wool, cotton, leather, wood ad infinitum. 2. Mining supplies iron, aluminium, coal, fuel, and gold ad infinitum. 3. Fishing supplies food, stock food, fish oil, gelatine and pleasure ad infinitum. Ask your parliamentarian which sector or sectors should be wiped out to save the planet? They should know as they are only too happy to prosecute anyone in those three sectors, literally biting the hand that fuels them, shelters them, and feeds them.