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Local History

Our oldest veteran – Private Peter Sheehan

Peter William Sheehan was born on 11 May, 1923. Soon he will be 101 years. Peter is this region’s oldest serving war veteran. He was just a boy when World War Two broke out only just turning 16 and he put up his age, finally enlisting at 17 years. 
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Private Peter William Sheehan was in the army for approximately three years and for two of those years, he served in the infantry in Egypt and Italy. His number for service was 449 437.  He received a back full of shrapnel and some of that shrapnel remains in his body. Peter says it works its way out from time to time showing up just under the skin surface.

Peter is a member of the Whitianga Bowling Club and until recently he helped with maintenance on a daily basis. He was absent from this years Anzac dawn parade as he had a stint in hospital. Peter lives with his daughter, Chrissie and son, Peter. We are proud of his achievements and his commitment to his community and that he has reached the grand old age of 100, soon to be 101