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Local History

Buffalo treasure on Buffalo Beach?

Brioni Webby has been coming to Whitianga with her family for 36 years. They love it here – the beach, the people and the lifestyle.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

This Christmas New year the adult children were all gathered for their family holiday. Recently, metal detecting has become an enthusiasm for her two boys, Jared and Trent. One day the machines went mad – treasure they thought! A surface scan revealed nothing. After some digging and still finding nothing, Jared and Trent thought it must be the iron content of the sand further down. But being  treasure hunters at heart, they kept on digging and lo and behold; they found a huge very old piece of iron.

The shells set like concrete in the metal say it has been in the ocean a very long time before it became embedded in the sand. The location of the ‘treasure’ indicates it could be from the  wreck of The BuffaloIt. Now that makes it a treasure. It took the two young men and  of course with the help of grandson, Jackson to lift the large piece of iron out of the sand.  It seems like it could be a piece of a gun turret, but no one knows as yet. The Informer is sending photos away to the Museum and to a Canadian specialist on The Buffalo.