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Whitianga Photographic Club

Every month there is a challenge subscribed and members work to enter something on the theme of that challenge.
 |  Kate Beauchamp  | 

January challenge – Triptych or Diptych

Next week The Informer will be highlighting the February Challenge which was Abstract Photography.

First Place winner for January Challenge:

Sean King won the January challenge with a maternity portrait of his partner, Ruby. By making the outer two images smaller, prominence has been given to the centre portrait image. Taking the image at sunset has given soft tones and pastel colours, which makes a beautiful portrait and story.

Second place went to Kate Beauchamp and third to Anita Ruggle-Lussy & Wendy Pemberton

Photo of the month:

‘On the wing’ by Bevan Walker won photo of the month, a perfectly timed wildlife shot. The Tern is well focused against a blurred background making it stand out.

Second place went to Lia Priemus and third to Tina Macrae.

If anyone is keen to join our small but successful club please email our admin team

The work and achievements of our members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page