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The Mercury Bay Creative Fibre seeks enthusiasts – to spin, weave and craft together

In the heart of Mercury Bay, a vibrant community of fibre enthusiasts is extending a warm invitation to all those with a passion for wool and fibre crafting. The Mercury Bay Creative Fibre group, nestled within the fabric of our community, is eagerly seeking new members to join their ranks and share in the joy of spinning, knitting, felting and weaving plus various other fibre crafts.
 |  Vanessa Dooley  | 

With a rich tapestry of traditions spanning centuries, the art of working with wool continues to captivate individuals seeking a creative outlet and a connection to heritage crafts. The Mercury Bay Creative Fibre group, founded under the umbrella of Creative Fibre New Zealand, serves as a hub for novices and seasoned artisans alike to come together, learn and collaborate.

“At the Mercury Bay Creative Fibre group, we believe in the power of community and the timeless allure of wool crafting,” says Vanessa, the contact person for the group. “Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter there’s always something new to discover and skills to hone. “We’re looking forward to welcoming individuals who share our passion and are eager to learn and grow with us.”

Central to the groups mission is the exchange of knowledge and techniques. Members gather regularly for sessions of creativity and community, where seasoned crafters impart their wisdom on topics ranging from spinning yarn, knitting and crochet, to mastering intricate weaving patterns. Through hands-on sessions and collaborative projects, participants not only refine their craft but also forge lasting friendships within our close-knit community.

“We’re not just about creating beautiful pieces, we’re about preserving traditions and fostering creativity”. explains Vanessa. “Our members come from all walks of life, united by a common love for wool and a desire to keep these timeless skills alive.”

As the group sets its sights on expanding its membership, they extend a heartfelt invitation to all who share an interest in wool and fibre crafting. Whether you’re a curious beginner eager to learn the basics or a seasoned artisan looking to share your expertise, there’s a place for you at the loom of the Mercury Bay Creative Fibre group.

The members usually have something exciting in the planning, from exhibitions and demonstrations to retreats and excursions away to our sister groups locally and around New Zealand.

Joining the club is not only an opportunity to develop your skills but also a chance to become part of a supportive and passionate community. With open arms and a shared love for wool the members of the group await new faces to weave into their colourful tapestry of creativity.

For those interested in becoming part of this vibrant community of fibre enthusiasts, enquiries and membership applications can be directed to Vanessa.