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Sheddie of the Year

Ian Robbie is Sheddie of the Year, 2024!
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Ian Robbie is awarded Sheddie of the Year from Pauline Brown.

Glenn Schache, President of the Whitianga Menz Shed, presented the coveted Sheddie of the Year award last Thursday, 4 July at Mercury Bay Club following their Annual General Meeting.

This is an award given for outstanding commitment, hard work and teamwork. The award was presented to Ian who is also the Treasurer and a Trustee of Whitianga Menz Shed.

Ian’s gregarious character, generous spirit, and practical manner with volunteering are well known in the community.  Ian is also a member of the Whitianga Lions Club.

Pauline Brown, widow of a previous president and founding member of the Menz Shed, Mike Brown, presented Ian with the beautiful timber trophy.

This had actually been made by Glenn Schache, an experienced craftsman in wood carving and turning.

Menz Shed news:

The Menz Shed has a target of $600,000 to build and customise their new bespoke premises.

They have raised a third, $200,000, which now enables them to approach government and local authorities and charities who can match fund and make further donations.

I have always experienced the Whitianga Menz Shed as a welcoming, extremely handy and dexterous group – fixing things, recycling things to a new life for many community groups, charity events and solo people. The goodwill always produces a great result.

The current shed is so crowded, there is not enough room to work at the different machines which creates safety issues. There is not enough room just to sit down and chat over a cup of coffee.

“Not everyone is a handyman,” says Glenn.

“However, every man either enjoys company  or would like to keep busy in a purposeful way in the company of others. To be around others and to learn a new skill from someone else is vital to your daily outlook on life. Mind you, our morning teas can be quite extended, as we fix the problems of the world,” Glenn smiles.

Glenn speaks from experience when he talks about one of the purposes of The Menz Shed movement that must never be forgotten. “Working alongside others builds friendship, makes for stimulating company, and extends the quality of life.”

This is an opportunity for readers to help give this wonderful community service, the space needed with their new building. The current shed is 70 sq. metres, The new shed will be 360 sq. metres.

Pay a visit to the Menz Shed in South Highway, Whitianga.

If you can help, please see below how you can make a donation.

Donations toward the Menz Shed fundraising campaign are welcomed.

Bank account no. 02-0496-0124241-001. Glenn Schache is available. Ph 027 495 2015.