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Ron’s Cooks Dream – ‘HORSES’ – a Mercury Bay Equestrian Academy

For our town and district’s future prosperity we need to provide reasons for people to come to Whitianga. Ron Cook, long time horse trainer, Equestrian Coach and farrier has a great idea – Horses. Tourists from overseas, visitors from the big cities, and residents of our lovely area all love horses. How about we deliberately set out a plan, a facility to enable all of the above to get up close and personal with suitable horses?
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

Another reason to come to Whitianga and The Coromandel!

The Location: The Sherrif Block, 90 Moewai Rd., purchased by the Council as a potential site for recreational activities and to do date unused. For Ron’s dream around 10 acres would be needed. This would leave the vast majority of the site for other activities.

The Name: ‘Mercury Bay Equestrian Academy’ under or beside a catchier title, for instance ‘HORSES WHITIANGA’

The ten-acre site could be developed in the following way. 1. A professional Equestrian site. 2. A teaching facility for instruction on horse care and etiquette. 3. A beginners arena – an area where beginner riders could be introduced to horses and be assisted to mount and ride a suitable horse. 4. A small track where the new riders could walk their horses and practise mount, dismount and horse leading.

The facility would be open each weekend in the holiday season and weekdays by appointment. Regular Equestrian events would be scheduled.

The hope is that the facility will be used by Riding for the Disabled

The facility with its instructors could become part of the Mercury Bay Area School and Home School curriculums.


As of now the whole venture would be under the care of the ’Mercury Bay Equestrian Academy’. A legal entity will be created for funding and organizational purposes.

When established, the facility would be also promoted to overseas visitors, especially Asian visitors. The emphasis would be on introduction to horses would be placed on meeting, greeting, and mounting, and riding a horse for the first time.

This is a wonderful Concept. The land sits idle. The Thames Coromandel District Council controls it. If enough people are interested the proposal will be considered.

If you are interested! Contact Ron Cooke 0274 984 447 or Stan at ‘The Coromandel Informer’ office 07 866 2090   or