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Mark Wright holds drama workshop in Whitianga

Popular actor Mark Wright is running a drama workshop in Whitianga on Sunday, July 7 at Mercury Bay Area School. He is one of New Zealand’s top dramatists and the workshop is for all interested in drama and acting. The area is privileged to have mark doing this local workshop.
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In his remarkable solo show, “The Gallipoli Monologues” performed at Whitianga’s Monkey House jus last Friday night,14 June, Mark takes on nine different characters and explores the origins of the ANZAC spirit. His performance is said to put the humanity back into the history book, making audiences across New Zealand laugh and cry.

Mark is best known for his character roles in TV series, including “Nothing Trivial”, “Terry Teo” and “Go Girls”.

He is already familiar with the Coromandel area, having MC’d Tairua’s Cocksy Classic Charity Fishing Competition several times.

Mark is looking forward to his Whitianga workshop and says it will focus on characterisation.

The Workshop

“I’ll be giving some tips and devises to help actors identify and grow their characters, as well as tools to make their work more successful and more enjoyable.”

Mark likes to do workshops in every town he goes to and also visits schools.

“I remember that at school I was told drama was not a real job. But I think drama is an important subject in schools. Drama classes are not to produce world class actors, they are to give students confidence. Communication is a key asset in business – to talk to staff at meetings or to pitch an idea, you need the confidence to communicate with everyone and drama can do that.”

He is a National Theatre Sports Champion and represented NZ at the International Improv Festival in New York and Amsterdam. Mark is best known in NZ for his award-winning comedy work and is a regular cast member for all of New Zealand’s top theatre companies.

His awards include TV Guide Television Award for Best Performer in an Entertainment Programme, TV Guide Best Actor Award and two New Zealand Film and Television awards for best performance. He has hosted live and televised events, including The New Zealand Film Awards, The Comedyfest Gala, Inside New Zealand, The Radio Awards, The ALAC Sports Awards, and The Smokefree Stage Challenge.

Come along to Mark’s Workshop at the Mercury Bay Area School, 9.30am-4.00pm Sunday, 7 July. Cost is $35.

For information and bookings phone 027 6105 933 or email