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Marguerite Muellers exhibiting Whitianga Art Group Feature Artist

Marguerite will be the featured artist at the Whitianga’s Art Group exhibition centre In School Road, Whitianga for the month of April. This means that Marguerite will have her art on display for viewing and sale every Sunday in April from 1.00pm to 4.00pm, 23 School Road, Whitianga. The community is invited.
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Marguerite’s art invites you to interpret her water colour scenes.

The Whitianga Art Group is a casual, friendly group of people who love art, who are very good at art and together they work with a wide variety of different styles and mediums many at a very professional level.

I have been living in Whitianga for 35 years,” says Marguerite. “My whakapapa is in Germany and my river is the Rhine. Early in my childhood, I spent my evenings scrutinising and sketching my father’s face while he was watching the news. I loved that – the impressionists became my favourite artists.

As a trained psychotherapist, art for me is another way of expressing ‘self’ other than with words. It’s a great tool to explore deep and unconscious emotions. To paint is to find release of pressure of daily life issues. In watercolour art you are ‘stuck’ with your painting’. It is not a medium to make it ‘more pretty’; it is unforgiving – nothing left to paint it over to make it ‘better.’

I was privileged to have Julie Ferne as my teacher in watercolour art and she gave me the confidence which has helped me to believe in myself as an artist. I have come to understand the need to paint as being a very essential process of a deeper psychic expression of myself but in doing so my art can express the essence of other viewers. Although we interpret and discuss a painting, yet every painting is beyond words, so I invite others to feel free to translate whatever they see or feel in my paintings as we are all looking through a different lens.