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Film and Photography

Local photography club’s amazing talent

The March challenge for members of Whitianga Photographic Club was Silhouette photography.
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‘Mantis’ by Kate Beauchamp won first place. A minimalist and unmistakable silhouetted image of a Praying Mantis is simple’ yet effective. Kate Beauchamp’s photos of the ‘auroras featured on the front page of last week’s issue of The Informer

1st Kate Beauchamp

2nd Rose Barrett

3rd Shannon Molloy

Photo of the month was a closely fought battle with a tie for both first and third places.

‘A pair of Kingfishers’ by Bevan Walker. The birds are well focused, and their stunning colours stand out against the background.

‘Otama Waves’ by Chrissy Lawrence is a soft and dreamy seascape with beautiful movement in the waves and calming pastel colours.

1st Bevan Walker & Chrissy Lawrence

2nd Lia Priemus

3rd Anita Ruggle-Lussy & Tina Macrae

The April challenge, Environmental Portraits. These are portraits created of a subject, in an environment that relates to who they are. For example, it could be at their place of work, or at home. Done well the portrait should give the viewer more of an insight into the life and character of the subject.

We’d love to hear from new members, please email our admin team for information on how to join.

The work and achievements of our members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page.

Performance Competition: The winning photo of the “Performance” photo challenge voting last month in The Informer  was the image of the juggler (first place) and the dancers (second place). There were over 80 votes and some could not place their vote due to glitch in the computer voting system. Our apologies.

“Mantis” by Kate Beauchamp

“A Pair of Kingfishers” by Bevan Walker

“Otama Waves” by Chrissy Lawrence

Local Aurora photo from the Solar Storm

Tina McCrae a pano image taken Saturday night 11 May.