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French bubbles and breakfast fundraiser a success

Bubbles and The Mercury Bay Lions Club is to be congratulated on a very creative, happy, French, bubbly brunch for over 100 people.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

The Golden Girls sang French romantic tunes for the large gathering at the bubbly brunch on Mother’s Day; contralto soloist Jenny Jackman, right.

It took place on Mother’s Day at the Mercury Bay Bowling Club, a facility, well lit, spacious and convenient for the large number of people for whom brunch was provided, and the large numbers of tables decorated so extravagantly. The whole building glowed with the French theme – red, white and blue and French print scenes were everywhere.

Everyone was greeted by a ‘French’ hostess or host, their ‘printed for the occasion’ ticket providing a free glass of champagne for starters to a four-course brunch. This was all to raise money for the mammogram project, a joint fundraising project led by the two local Lions Clubs.

But there was much more to this occasion than fundraising. Every member of the Mercury Bay Lions was working as part of the organising team and had recruited their partners and other members of their family to assist with hosting, cooking, serving food, selling raffles, serving drinks, clearing tables and technical operations. They were all dressed in theme and might I say many looked very elegant or chique.

It elevates everyone’s spirit to see others have gone to so much trouble to make the guests’ experience memorable and enjoyable. The group of songsters known fondly as The Golden Girls presented two brackets of well-known French songs and contralto professional, Jenny Jackman, delighted the audience with her beautiful rendition of “If You Love Me.”

Who cannot go unmentioned is the Golden Girls accompanist, Audrey Neville. In her nineties, she accompanied with flair and versatility using the meagre keyboard she had to play rather than a piano.

What a treat was being offered to the community on Mother’s Day.

From where The Informer was seated, I could see many whose Mother’s Day would be clouded by grief – some who recently lost their decades long partner; some who as parents, had lost an adult child. For others, the grief is still intense after years since the light of their life had gone. But they were there taking part and coping with their journey.

Grief is not constant – it moves in and out. What is a sure thing is grief doesn’t say goodbye for very long; it revisits, often unexpected, and why not? A parent or partner doesn’t get over losing their loved one – they learn to cope. Bearing sadness in an atmosphere of goodwill and hope, sharing delicious food with people who are willing to understand, is a very real blessing particularly on Mother’s Day. This is life for a lot of people – keeping going, adjusting to a different life, but yet it can be one with meaning.  This can be especially so in smaller communities.

The work and preparation to organise and bring to fruition this high-class occasion was led by Barbara Nippert, President of the Mercury Bay Lions Club, but she is the first to commend her outstanding team of women and their men who assisted them.  Everyone who attended this bravery special brunch was better off for being there.

The Lions Club will know just how their fundraising went for the mammogram project in time for next weeks’s issue of The Informer.

Barbara Nippert, current president of the Mercury Bay Lions Club organised with her large team a fantastic brunch for over 100 people at the Mercury Bay Bowling club on Mother’s Day. It was good to see representation from the local community board with Caroline Hobman.