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Whitianga community is possibly losing a special place near the centre of its town. Despite being man made the area of reclaimed land at the Dundas Street entrance is being proposed as the new site of the Mercury Bay Boating Club building. The Club has a Resource Consent Application in to the Department of Conservation for total control and use of the whole area marked (2374m2). This is presently DOC administered land available for the use of the whole community.
 |  Trevor Jensen  | 

Two huge semi-trailers put the boating club up on stilts late January 2023; a profile map of the proposed position of the boating club.

The boaties who use and pay for the Marina boat ramp also use this area (mainly at weekends) for parking of cars and trailers.

Ask why the Marina is in favour of this proposal therefore losing a large area of the Dundas Street reserve for which their customers have pre-paid.

Of course the Boating Club will need to keep raising funds and in the past that has been by function hire and community use. That will continue, mostly night activities, and the wildlife that has returned will be badly affected with this proposal.

Sailing is a great sport. There is no one in Whitianga who does not like sailing but the position of the boating club is a different matter. They had a good site – but the erosion with no rock wall caused the boating club to be at risk as well as the rest if the community with the incursion of the sea. Its current position on stilts is because they cannot get clear permission to place it back further. Highway 25 is very close, not being protected by Waikato Regional Council or Transit NZ. The lease conditions for the Boating Club meant they had to pay to protect their club from the ocean and they could not. Cyclone Hale and Gabriel cut into their leased land.

Earlier in 2023 it was reported that “Entities including Waikato Regional Council and Ngata Hei were open to discussions, and Jonathan Kline says, the process is off to a good start.” What happened there? They now have to move off that site. Dundas Street is not the place.

Putting the Mercury Bay Boating Clubhouse in this area of major tidal flow is foolhardy and will put their young sailors at risk not only out on the water but on this reserve which will have a higher traffic movement, with trailers being parked into parking spaces.

We don’t need to fill every space. Haven’t we learned from the past?

Trevor Jensen

2 Dundas Street, Whitianga


Any person or organisation may make comment in writing to the Director-General for or against the proposal or make any other written submissions on the proposal.

Objections or submissions should be sent to


Subject Line:112555-OTH, Submissions Re: Mercury Bay Boating Club

Attention: Ange Piaget, Senior Permissions Advisor

Submissions will be accepted up to and including 5.00pm om 9th may 2024. Once and may be released under that Act submitter’s information is subject to the Official Information Act 1982