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Doris Day and more Fishing Comps at Matarangi

It was a weak moment that Sharon Clay agreed to be the lead of the Events Committee at the Matarangi Boating and Fishing Club which meant organising the Doris Day Fishing Competition. But she doesn’t regret it at all.
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“We have lived in Matarangi for seven years but came here for holidays for forty years. My husband was already down here and I was the weekend wife. That needed to change.”   Sharon’s husband was already a committee member of the local fishing club.

The Doris Day Fishing Competition was very successful and everyone got out to fish despite the wind.

“It was great to see the ladies out on the water,” says Sharon. “We were a little down on numbers from last year due to Kubota in Whitianga and other comps around the country, but ‘Doris Day’ will be looking at better dates for next year.“

Sharon shared that they could see that the fishing competitions needed an upgrade, so with Sue Sinclair and Murray Taylor, two other locals, they focussed on all the competitions, improving them where they could. “Three is a great size for a committee,” smiles Sharon.

Six Matarangi competitions: There are six fishing competitions on the annual programme of the Matarangi Boating and Fishing Club

• Doris Day (a little over a week ago).

• King’s Birthday Weekend – this is for anglers who are members only but it does not cost much to be a member of the club.  To join the club you can register online. It’s very economical and there’s a family membership.

• A new one, Saturday 29 June – Matariki Tournament, a surf casting and kontiki competition.

• Labour Weekend 26-28 October

• Small Frys on the wharf in December which is a just a fantastic good time for children and their families.

• The Ladies Champion Angler Trophy runs over the year so get out there ladies and fish, fish, fish!!!

Message for the Sponsors:

“Thank you once again. They have been truly a Godsend and their products are the best. Our committee is currently looking for sponsors.

“We understand in the economic climate that it’s tough for people to help but we promote our sponsors on the day of the competitions and we will be loading a new page on our website showing all our sponsors over the past few competitions and you can link back to the company website. Use their services and products wherever you can.

“We really appreciate all our sponsors.”