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Darts is the winner at Coroglen Tavern

Rose Stables came into The Informer to place an advertisement for an Annual General Meeting of the Coroglen Darts Club at Coroglen Tavern but there was so much more to her story than a meeting.
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Tracy, Rose and Stoney enjoy an after-darts social time at the Coroglen Tavern.

If walls could talk, The Coroglen Tavern would have a number of interesting stories to tell. More than a few of those tales would centre on the traditional pub game of darts.

The well-known landmark tavern, situated on the corner of State Highway 25 and the Tapu-Coroglen Road, is the home of the Coroglen Darts Club, officially formed on 9 May 1968, almost fifty-five years ago.

If enthusiasm could grow a club by 200% then Rose is the winner.

“You can’t go wrong with darts,” says Rose.

“You don’t need to be very sporty. You can still achieve at darts. However, once you start getting to the point where you care about your scoring, then you need to practise.

A person playing darts has to get the hand-eye coordination right. Darts is a skill thing and practising your ability with eye- hand co-ordination. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female.”

“There are 18-year-olds and we have 80 and 90-year-olds playing and it’s amazing to see their eye-hand co-ordination. Maybe darts really improves that side of things.”

Darts are played at Coroglen Tavern every Thursday night. Sign-in is at 7.15pm and play begins at 7.30pm.

“When I moved here, says Rose, “My neighbour played and I would have a go. I started to realise that I was actually good at it. I went along to the Coroglen Club and people were very friendly and welcoming.

“From there I merged into joining the darts at Mercury Bay Club. They play on a Tuesday at 6.30pm.

“I was out on a farm at Whenuakite at the time but when you like doing something, you travel. Now I live in Whitianga but I am still a very active member of Coroglen Darts Club as well.

The clubs are a bit different, says Rose. “Mercury Bay Club is very ‘darts’ oriented and Coroglen is a very social darts club where the darts are a means of having fun,” she smiles.

“We have special trips and this year between the two clubs, we are heading off to Rotorua to play their club.”

“Our membership is sitting around thirty. We have a lot of casuals, but we are trying to entice people to become members and then they can play in the tournaments.

“You have to be a member of our club to play. But its only $20 a year at Coroglen and $30 a year at Mercury Bay Club darts. Players bring their own darts. You can get sets from Whitianga Sports store or The Warehouse – they are not expensive.”

What it comes to darts, Rose is a bit of a champion. She is Coroglen’s highest ladies champion which makes her the Women’s Coroglen Club Champion at this time. There are a number of different competitions. The Gumtown Shield is the club’s biggest competition. It is open to anyone and it is the only one where someone who isn’t a member can enter and play.

Made of kauri, the shield was first played for in 1977 at the Coroglen Hall.

“We have a hangi pit and do a great cook-up in style at the back of the Coroglen Tavern as part of the programme. Players come from all over, including Waihekeand Australia to enter,” adds Rose.

“A huge raffle is part of it and this all comes from the generous support of our community.”

There is also a Tadpole Club Shield and a Memorial Day Shield for all those members who have passed. Those who are life members but who may not be coming to the Club regularly come for this Memorial Day. It’s all about remembering them and the names of all those who have died are engraved on the Memorial Shield.