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Conscious Energy Healing Workshops

Verna Carr is a facilitator of Conscious Energy Healing.
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Energy Healing is not some new age concept but has been practised in various forms in nearly all cultures for thousands of years. The Informer is aware of this from stories of Australian practitioners in this field and asked Verna to explain more.

Conscious Energy Healing works on the premise that we are soul, mind, and body working together in unison – everything is connected. When these are in balance and harmony, then the physical body is healthy and vibrant and doesn’t usually get sick.

The idea of conscious healing is not difficult to understand. It requires only one who wishes to receive and one who wishes to facilitate. Both agreeing not to stand in the way of what is to occur and both allowing the energy to flow. Verna can see and feel the physical and emotional causes of illness/ pain in someone’s physical body. Everyone has emotional baggage, stories, past experiences, beliefs that show up in their bodies in diverse ways. Verna directs the flow of Universal energy to enable the flushing of energy and the releasing of blockages. That process, plus the intention of the one who has come to her for assistance, brings about the healing. She is just a support and guide for people to bring about their own healing.

Verna’s expansion, passion and spiritual journey have given her many joyous years as an energy healing facilitator. She expects the unexpected and just allows the process to flow.

Verna says, “I often experience the most amazing things as do the recipients of the healing.” Verna wishes to offer her gifts and talents to teach others her healing modality in a weekend workshop format.

Workshops are open to anyone wanting to learn powerful and effective energy healing techniques to facilitate healing for themselves and their loved ones. Participants will be given step-by step instructions to learn basic hands-on healing techniques, as well as experience first-hand the different roles of the facilitator – receiver and observer. Participants will receive a manual to take home with them, plus a bonus gift of Verna’s book, Metamorphosis Wisdom, for a Changing Consciousness.

Everybody who has taken this workshop has had an extraordinary experience. They leave feeling empowered to live in ways that bring them more joy and excitement because they are now more aligned to who they truly are.

Energy Healing works on very deep levels, and normally brings about balance, harmony, clarity, understanding, changes.

If you would like to be a participant on the next available weekend workshop, then please contact Verna phone 0273200079,