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Bike Park donation helps protect kauri

Whitianga Bike Park recently received a $738 donation from St Andrew’s Church Opshop, to help build fences, needed to protect the many young kauri trees that have been donated to the Bike Park, or planted in Memoriam.   

Park Manager Jon Maud said Waikato Regional Council (WRC) staff had walked the park and inspected the trees.  “They were concerned about the close proximity of bike trails and walking tracks to these young kauri,” Jon Maud said. “We have to prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback disease. WRC have installed bike and footwash stations in the park, and the fences will be an added protection.”    

Mr Maud said the bush track above the two very big kauri on the upper slopes of the park was now closed.  “We would need to build timber walkways above the trees to protect them, so instead we decided to close the upper track.  People can still view the trees from the lower bush track.”   The two areas to be fenced off are located at the bottom of the park, on the flat where the easier bike and walking tracks are very popular with the public.  

“The Bike Park works on a shoestring budget, and we’re very grateful for the Opshop donation,” Jon Maud said.  Church Opshop Manager Madeline Saunders said the shop regularly donates to local not-for-profit groups, and the Bike Park fits the criteria.  “We will consider funding applications from any local community groups in Mercury Bay, and we encourage them to apply in writing,” Madeline says.   

Caption: Volunteer fence builders