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Voices of Reason!

 |  Ady Cole-Ewen  | 
My sincere thanks to Flemming Rasmussen for expressing, with such clarity and depth of knowledge and understanding, the concerns we have with our council.

Money does not grow on trees and Social Services definitely need to be left where they belong – in Wellington; along with all the other initiatives the Mayor and his councillors have come up with that do not relate to basic infrastructure.

Major issues affecting the Simpsons Beach (Wharekaho) community remain unresolved.

No water, no sewage, and no safe footpath along SH25, and no replacement system for the disconnected tsunami sirens.

35 years ago, the first request was made for a safe footpath along this stretch of SH25. The community has grown dramatically since then, as has the number of vehicles on the highway. Flooding at the Tohetea Stream bridge is now a regular occurrence, cutting the community off from Whitianga, but the evidence provided relating this back to the new subdivision and the badly over-estimated amount of storm water the stream could handle, is consistently ignored. Let me refer back to Flemming’s conclusion:

“Common sense should prevail. This is what we pay our rates for. TCDC should focus and get back to basics. It should stick to its knitting and deliver essential core services only. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Please Note – You now have the opportunity to stand up and have your say by making your submission to TCDC on their Long-Term Plan. Submissions opened Friday 8th March and if you are not sure how to make a submission, please go to the TCDC office in Monk Street and ask for assistance. I hope to have more information on this next week.

My second ‘Voice of Reason’ accolade goes to Trevor Ammundsen.

Trevor was 100% correct in his article on EVs. Their day is most certainly over with all major car companies pulling back. This information is readily available – just check out the Toyota production line for next year. Paul Sommerville, needs to check his facts before he slates someone as astute as Trevor Ammundsen. He needs to dig a little deeper and make sure he has his facts right.

A big thank-you to Rob Barnes who added so factually to the “Truth” about the future of electric cars.

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