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TCDC’s Coastal Erosion Policy

 |  Noel Hewlett  | 
Back in 2004, when I was a Councillor and also a member of the Policy and Planning committee, we were asked to make a decision on a Coastal Erosion Policy for the region. The decision was made to go for a “soft option” choice. This excluded the use of stone walls, concrete structures or the use of rocks.

The voting on the decision was conclusive with three in favour and one against. I was the one who voted against it. At the time I was shattered by the decision that was made with no public consultation or research.

Ironically, at that time in 2004 there had been two major events in Mercury Bay prior to this policy decision.

Waterways – Hopper developments presented to TCDC in the year 2000, to save the houses from major storms. Despite everything that has happened over the past twenty years, we still have this ridiculous” Coastal Erosion Policy” in t TCDC which effects all their operations in this matter of erosion.

I believe as responsible citizens, we need to take action.

I was encouraged by The Informers recent article by Trevor Ammundsen in Through the Portal. Trevor rightly stated that when visiting the new restaurant/café, Basker by the Waterways in Whitianga, how impressed he was by the standard set. The stone wall ensures the canal front property values are retained and that properties are protected from erosion and nature events while creating a neat, appealing overall appearance that can be maintained.

2024 could be a significant year for a new Coastal Erosion Policy that listens to and gives credence to the people who face the preventable consequences of this coastal erosion policy.

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