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Some of the great points Denis Tegg made about EV’s

 |  Clancy Nixon  | 
“How much time will I waste filling up at petrol stations?” Less than five minutes a week if you do a big mileage. Think what you can do with that time!

(EV’s Unleashed Guest Editorial P.25 Issue 30 Jan)

“The ICE car I test drove lagged between pressing the gas and gaining speed. It felt like something was broken”.

Not an absolutely immediate response from an ICE car but more than quick enough for any road in NZ. Ever heard that speed kills Denis? That immediate gain in speed shortens reaction time and is just plain dangerous.

“An EV already has price parity with the equivalent ICE when total cost of ownership over 5 years is calculated.” How about the upfront cost, more expensive at purchase and not generally purchased by the “average” person who buys a second-hand car, not by choice but because he/she can’t afford a new one.

Many wealthy people just got a “free kick” from the Labour Government while tradies were expected to pay a bit more on their work utes. Seems fair? What about the no Road Tax to date?

“ICE car’s future value will be a concern, as EVs will soon be cheaper than ICE and the market for ICE will nosedive”.

Denis, have you noticed how much TESLAR prices have dropped lately? What happens when those paddocks of unsold EVs around the world have to find a home? Maybe those pictures of hundreds of unsold cars are just media AI…… Not many people ever made a dollar selling their used car so is selling a second-hand EV going to be any better?

“My EV has 20 moving parts and only tyres and windscreen washer fluid have required replacement”. Your much praised acceleration and speed sheds tyres at twice the rate of an ICE car with huge tyre pollution.

“Can I accelerate and brake with just one pedal”. Great point Denis. EV’s are going to be a big hit with one-legged drivers.

“ICE cars have at least 20 times the fire risk of an EV”. If correct, just as well they are easy to put out.

“My EV receives regular major software upgrades by Wi-Fi at home, like my smartphone”.

Denis, my ICE car does not need software updates.

Great article to read and as you can see it ticked my fancy. EVs might well be the future but I will sit on the fence for now and see how batteries and alternative power sources develop over the next couple of years,

Good on you Denis. Lab rats will always be necessary, work out the wrinkles for the rest of us.

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