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Fishing for Sport

 |  Verna Carr  | 
In the article writing about the Annual Kubota Billfish Classic Informer (issue 1097, March 19), the last sentence in the article states, “It was a win for everyone, except the noble fish.” The Informer also presented a different perspective with the article written by Shaun Lee, Untangling the Conservation and Ethical Difficulties of Big Game Fishing.

Yes, chasing the big fish is fun and exciting, man against beast, coming home the conquering heroes with a good story to tell, plus the added incentive of big prize money and a trophy to brag about. How many more of these noble fish have to die so those with bloodlust can have their fun?

These fishermen are not paddling their canoes out to catch fish for the tribe or as recreational fishermen feeding their families. No, those taking part in the Annual Kubota Billfish Classic arrive en-masse with boats equipped with sophisticated tracking and navigation equipment with the sole purpose of hunting big game fish.

The New Zealand Animal Welfare Act 1999 recognises fish as sentient animals. Fishing for sport causes prolonged pain, injury, and distress to the fish involved. These noble fish are exhausted from fighting for their lives for hours with a hook in their mouths or guts. Think for a moment: if humans tormented any other animal for hours purely for the enjoyment of it, it would be considered cruel and inhumane.

The god of materialism continues to rule this planet. At what consequence? Kubota puts up big prize money as an incentive to bring these ‘fishermen’ to Whitianga. Kubota would have generated considerable profits from this competition. Who does Kubota pay for the use of the sea, the fish being caught, the eco system, and environmental concerns? Do these competitions keep running until there are no fish left?

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