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I find inaccuracies in the guest editorial (January 30, The Informer) by Denis Tegg on EVs.

Whitianga to Wellington is 655km by Google maps.  The EV has an average cost to fast charge of $10 per 100km or $65 plus $49 RUC (road user chargers) or total of $114 to Wellington.  ICE (internal combustion engine) vary from say 9 litres per 100km to 4.5 litres per 100km.Big car $218 or small car $114, cost of petrol.  Costs are the same for a small car versus a small EV. These figures for EV vehicles are for an average driver but as most EVs do have huge performance, if this is used, they will be more expensive to run than an ICE vehicle. Journey time for the EV is at least three hours longer to fast charge the battery. Using a fast charger frequently will degrade the battery’s life.

Next, the battery life of EV’s is projected to last 8 years or 100,000kms (Tesla figures off the internet).  Over time they degrade until they are no longer usable.  Then there is the problem of disposal. There is currently no viable way of disposing of them in NZ. Denis’ figures are inaccurate.

Car dealers will not trade in EVs because the best years have been had from them after a few years.

ICE vehicles on the other hand go for many years and are totally recyclable.

I drive only classic cars 22-48 years old. For the rest of their life, which can be considerable, the only cost is petrol as I am not buying either a new ICE or EV which both contribute hugely to the environmental damage to the planet when being produced

Classic cars are getting more popular. The cost of restoring them environmentally, is a fraction of a new EV and ICE car.

The costs calculated as above for the large vehicle is the same as fuel used in my classic car using 95 octane petrol.

Watch online when an EV burns so intensely, is totally consumed, and pollutes the atmosphere.

We are unique in NZ  in the distances we travel and our geography.  In the USA, Ford have, after a very short time, virtually stopped making the F150 EV small truck which in ICE form is the most popular vehicle of its type in the USA. This is because they are so impracticable to use, because of distances travelled and load carrying capacity.

Also, the introduction of road user charges for EV vehicles is coming but long overdue, as they are always heavier than ICE vehicles which pay their part in the cost of petrol.  Our roads are in bad shape. We don’t want heavier EV’s wearing them out and not contributing to the costs.

All my costs of ICE and classic cars are factual and can be proved.  On the other hand, no one with an electric vehicle will admit to the huge long-term costs of EV’s.

Overseas, where will all the fleet of millions of EVs be charged? Look at the UK where most of the vehicles are never garaged.  Some manufacturers of EVs recommend a special shed is built 100 meters from the house because of the risk of catastrophic EV fires burning so intensely.

ICE vehicles do not use materials that are inhumanly mined as in EVs and so the EV is extremely environmentally unfriendly to the planet.

In large parts of the world an EV is not an option because the batteries on EV’s shut down in the cold. This can happen in parts on New Zealand.

There are other options which Denis didn’t mention and that is hybrid or diesel vehicles, which is another consideration which will equate with classic cars but that is another story.

Governments are pushing for EVs as an easy way to save the planet, but it is far more complex than they are telling you.

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