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EV’s Unleashed – a query

 |  Roger Harwood  | 
I read with interest Denis Tegg’s Guest Editorial, The Informer 30 January, 2024.

I believe in the past Denis helped Peninsula Watchdog with the legal fight against the mining companies, good on him!

The whole global warming topic is charged with emotion and so tends to create a lot of disagreement.

If you believe that fossil fuel extraction and use is the whole cause of our demise, I guess electric vehicles would seem like a quick solution. However, if you dig deeper and find out a few more hard facts, you will realise this is not the case.

Firstly, according to Charles Eisenstein’s excellent book, “Climate, a new story,” his research shows that all the fossil fuelled cars and aeroplanes do not emit as much CO2 as the destructive, agricultural practice of turning the soil. All those huge John Deeres ploughing the earth’s skin, release more carbon than all planes, cars and trucks combined. Then what follows is the dumping of toxic chemicals and way too much nitrogen and phosphate on it.

So, while Denis was a regional councillor, he could have put his energy into teaching all those working for Waikato Regional Council should I say, Big Ag, (same thing) that their outmoded form of farming is killing us all.

The solution is regenerative agriculture and saving or restoring ancient biodiverse ecosystems (where our clean air and water come from)

It’s highly unlikely that EV’s will ever replace the millions of vehicles as is evident in America where there isn’t the room or electricity for enough car parks with chargers. However, I do believe that EV technology will lead to far better transport options. In the interim, if our planet is to remain habitable, we all need to seriously consider where our food comes from?

Buy local, seasonal and organic.

Please see page 21 previous Issue ‘Only a little – more is deadl’y By Malcolm Campbell

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