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 |  Paul Sommerville  | 
It’s absurd how Alastair Brickell regurgitates oil companies’ nonsense about electric vehicles (EVs).

Brickell’s assertion that EV sales have peaked is absolute rubbish. In 2023 alone, a whopping 14 million new EVs hit the streets globally, marking a 35% surge from 2022 and an astonishing 54% leap from 2021 to 2022. Yet Brickell expects you to believe that all these buyers are mistaken while he alone holds the monopoly on truth. 1.2 million Tesla Model Y cars were sold in 2023, the world’s best-selling and safest car, but they too must somehow bow to Brickell’s assumed superior knowledge.

EVs command an impressive 20% share of the global car market, with the International Energy Agency forecasting this figure to skyrocket to 60% by 2030.

Meanwhile, Chinese and European EV manufacturers are producing models that rival gas-powered cars in both specifications and price, such as the 3 times NZ ‘Car of the Year’ award-winning MG hatchback EV.

Major battery producers have announced an astounding 50% reduction in battery prices for 2024, paving the way for even more competitive pricing and increased EV adoption rates.

It’s sad how Brickell, akin to his climate change denial, cherry-picks misinformation from the depths of the internet while disregarding readily available hard facts.

Just like the sceptics who scoffed at smartphones and the internet, Brickell fails to comprehend the exponential growth potential of disruptive technologies. The plunging costs and surging sales of EVs will leave traditional automotive giants like Toyota, VW, and Ford trailing.

Brickell can’t even get the price of a Tesla right—it’s $11,000 cheaper than his inflated figure. Real-world data from Norway debunks yet another of Brickell’s myths, exposing gasoline cars as having a fire risk nine times higher than EVs.

Advice to Brickell: instead of peddling misinformation from fossil fuel trolls on social media, perhaps he should heed millions of satisfied EV owners, industry experts, and hard data.

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