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Climate Confusion

 |  Gerry Sanders  | 
I am not surprised that Rob Barnes (Informer 30 January) is confused as, indeed, are letters such as that from Peter Woods (same issue)!

Mr Woods has not noticed that people do not, “repudiate climate change” but only that human emissions such as CO2 cause it.

The atmosphere does not act as a pane of glass, but act more like a blanket on your bed which does radiate into space but also radiates.

Infrared light back to earth. The “reports and photos” he refers to are really anecdotal observations which do not, scientifically, prove anything.

As for the ‘hottest since’ claims, the media needs Unique Selling Points to sell its wares and it does that remarkably well!

The reason for Rob being ‘bombarded by the media’ is quite simply money! If you convince enough people, humans cause the problem, then humans must pay to solve it.

Al Gore is worth over $300 million from carbon trading after his now debunked film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Elon Musk is rich on EVs now losing flavour fast. China’s CCP sells expensive turbines, batteries and solar panels to a gullible West and there’s endless taxpayer money swirling around the hypocritical COP conferences, Climate Ministers, University studies and endless taxpayer funded research projects.

However, the key driver of CO2 reduction is the IPCC (the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) set up by taxpayer cash to prove that CO2 is causing global warming, not to find out what does cause it. Its short-term projections have all proved wrong for the simple reason that there are so many variables involved. The longer projections are so far in the future, they can’t be proved or disproved.  In other words, credible long-term forecasts are impossible but that does not stop the IPCC making them and Governments acting on them, thus creating a vast money laundering business.

Equally, no-one mentions that water (clouds, humidity etc.) have by far and away the greatest warming effect, maybe 3 to 4 times CO2, but as humans don’t cause it, there’s no money to be made in spinning it!

The oceans are, by far, the largest source of available CO2 and this escapes when the sun heats the earth and re-dissolves it when cooling, and it has been shown that the heating comes first, not the other way round as Al Gore pretended.

The rise in CO2 recently is simply that we are coming out of the last Ice Age, and some maintain that we are now at risk of global cooling as was loudly touted in the 1960s. Even if you accept that the “ Industrial Age “ has added significant CO2, only 4 % is of human origin so its effect is tiny anyway.

China (eg) is producing one coal-fired power station a week and maybe a third of the earth’s emissions, NZ’s sacrifices can have no effect on the climate. In this case I can only agree with Rob that, “we get back to burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible.”

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