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Climate change and more absurdity

 |  Maureen McGill  | 
It’s absurd how Trevor Ammundsen blames the Greens – in Opposition and never having a Minister in Cabinet – for perceived faults with the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), a policy they have no control over. First, the EU and UK ETS schemes limit the use of forestry offsets, unlike unlimited offsetting in New Zealand.  We are already more generous.

Second, no nation uses “hedgerow” offsetting contrary to Trevor’s claim. Third, his suggestion of measuring “all greenery” for carbon offsets is impractical nonsense. Surely, Mr. Ammundsen, a champion of a “less bloated” civil service can imagine the bureaucratic nightmare of verifying every hedgerow and my patio pot plants for carbon capture! Climate change brings increased disease and wildfires, so trees are not permanent.

National, Act and NZF have repeatedly affirmed the ETS as their primary tool for curbing emissions. National signed the Paris Climate Agreement and says it is committed to Net Zero by 2050. Silence on this from Trevor.

Using overseas credits to meet targets that National has agreed to could cost NZ $23 billion. (Climate Commission) Prioritising domestic emission reductions will therefore save billions, not add to costs.  Dodgy impractical “greenery” offsets are the climate denier’s latest magic wand to “disappear” emission reduction actions.

Mr Luxon says climate science is “true” and has decried “climate denialism and minimalism”.  Trevor’s suggestion that climate change is “a theory” and railing against “climate fanatics” has him offside with the PM.  Awkward!

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