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Enjoying the spirit of St Patrick’s Day

“The night was very successful and pleasing because the place was packed and people were happy. It was so good to see that after such a busy weekend. I did think people might just go home after the three days of Kubota Classic but St Patrick’s Day with Phil Hart being such a champion performer brought them to Gracie’s.” These were the words of Peter Jones, proprietor of Grace O’Malleys Irish Inn.
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The two winners of prizes for best dressed man and best dressed woman were very pleased. Lots of people got into the green and the festive.

I would think that the celebrations at Grace O’Malleys were not quite what Saint Patrick had in mind back in the fifth century, when he brought Christianity to parts of Ireland.

Nevertheless the Patron Saint of Ireland was a very spirited man and that hasn’t been lost on the celebrations in many parts of the Coromandel  Peninsula.

Phil Hart; Raelene and Laurie Hunter and Warren Horne; Tracey Gillett celebrated her birthday on St  Patrick’s day; the best dressed woman and man; Corey Norton and Lisa Dowse.