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Police Report


Monday, 13 May to Sunday, 19 May
 |  Constable Michael Carter  | 


Monday, 13 May:

A male was trespassed from a Cholmondeley address after abuse given to the occupants.

A vehicle was interfered with on a South Highway commercial property where various items were taken.

Tuesday, 14 May:

A male was located in a dwelling on The Esplanade. He was subsequently arrested for being unlawfully in a building and on the next day (Wed), the same male was located in a different dwelling on The Esplanade and taken into custody. He is now due to appear in court on these matters.

Tuesday, 14 May:

A burglary has been reported as occurring at a commercial property on South Highway where fuel has been stolen.

Wednesday, 15 May:

A female was warned for breaching her trespass notice at a Centennial Drive address. She was also arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Friday, 17 May:

A Wharekaho address was broken into by unknown persons. Enquiries are continuing to identify the offender.


1x male arrested for Unlawfully in a building and burglary.

1x female arrested for Warrants.


Monday, 13 May:

Family harm matter occurred at a Whenuakite address. One of the parties was taken to an associates address for the night to calm the situation.

Family harm incident occurred at a Kenneth Avenue address. Both parties were having a heated argument at the time and upon police arrival, both were given assistance for counselling.

A heated argument between intoxicated individuals at a Coroglen address became physically violent. Other agencies have been contacted to assist these persons.

Wednesday, 15 May:

Family harm matter occurred at a Dundas Street address between intoxicated parties. Parties were separated prior to police arrival.

An argument occurred at a White Street address between siblings with both separating prior to police arrival.

Thursday, 16 May:

Family harm matter was reported at a Cook Drive address. All parties spoken to regarding the matter.

Friday, 17 May: 

A breach of protection order occurred at a Moewai Park Road address. The offending party was removed from the location and warned for the breach.


A number of vehicles have been observed above the posted and temporary speed limits throughout the wider Whitianga district. Please obey the limits as you don’t want infringements and demerit points.

Some of the temporary restrictions are in place as these areas are to have the limits reduced.

If you travel too fast through these areas, there is a chance that your licence will be suspended for 28 days and it will then need to be reinstated.

Police are targeting Restraints, Impairment, Distractions and Speed this month.

Our local police – the harsh reality of Methamphetamine (P)

With the ongoing social effects of Methamphetamine use in the NZ community, police are advising of the risks pertaining to the use of this anti-social illicit drug.

Are you a user of P? Are you aware of what chemicals are in P?

For those that are using or looking at trying P, the chemicals used in its manufacture include very toxic products, including Ammonia, Phosphorus, Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acids as well as lithium and Sodium Hydroxide.

Each one of these chemicals is hazardous enough to your body, but combined, it can be very deadly.

Should anyone come across a suspected meth lab, do not approach it as it could be highly volatile. Call police immediately on 111.

There have been a significant number of deaths in NZ regarding meth use, as well as many deaths caused by meth users and their addiction.

The main likely cause being the high aggressive state of mind and lack of control used by the offending party.

These also lead to numerous Family Harm matters as well as ill treatment against our tamariki.

The social harm alone has been identified with the high number of victims from Family Harm, Serious Assaults, Burglaries and Road Rage events.

Police are attempting to remove this harmful substance from our communities, but we do need the publics assistance in identifying offending. This can be either reported via 111, 105, 0800 555111 (Crime stoppers) or online at or

Drugs coming into Nz

Customs investigations manager Dominic Adams said New Zealand’s key strategy to disrupt illicit drug smuggling networks was targeting both ends of the international supply chain – upon import once the drugs reach New Zealand, as well as before export to stop the drugs from being sent here in the first place.

“While there is a lot of profit to be made by supplying drugs to NZ, we would like to become as unattractive as possible.”

Synthetic drugs are a significant threat to New Zealand, with increasing use and greater shipping options. Methamphetamine is the most prevalent street drug. Due to high demand, the drug is a key driver of several violent crimes such as robberies and burglaries. Additionally, the wealth generated by this drug is transforming New Zealand gangs into more sophisticated criminal groups with national and transnational partners in Asia and Australia, among others. The lower price of methamphetamine suggests high availability, but it also indicates that no gang has a monopoly on the drug market. The recreational use of ketamine in New Zealand has the potential to overtake cocaine in popularity. Organized criminal groups have increased supply. Although ketamine is unlikely to replace MDMA or methamphetamine as the synthetic party drug of choice, seizures over the past six years have more than doubled.

Source: Organised crime index