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Mark’s truck stolen in broad daylight

Mark Alloway had an errand to run at Stephensons Chemist. It was 5.15pm in the afternoon, the Monday before Easter. He had parked right beside the pharmacy in Blacksmith Lane. His red truck and trailer fitted neatly into a good park.
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Mark’s truck that was stolen the Monday before Easter.

But big mistake. Mark left the keys in the ignition. He was only going to be a couple of minutes. “I was just coming out of the pharmacy,” says Mark. “I was right there and watched my truck and trailer being driven away by one very brazen thief. I was only a few metres away.’

Mark could see the back of the driver’s head in the rear screen of the truck cabin – curly hair and European skin tone – that’s the only description he could give.

“I had all my tools in the back of my truck and a brand new Stihl chainsaw I had just purchased – 2011C model from Stihl in Joan Gaskell Drive. I had bought it that day, not even opened the box. I didn’t think this could happen in my hometown of Whitianga,” says Mark sadly.

“I did a lot with my truck – so many jobs for people in town.”

Mark has got his trailer back. He recovered it himself on the 309.

“It must have been slowing the thief down. That’s where I figure my truck is – somewhere being hidden on the 309,” says Mark ruefully.

Do you know something about this red truck that does so many favours for people in town? Any information will be gratefully received. Please contact your local police officer or phone Mark on 027-674-8549.