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Follow up on…

There has been a very positive response to the front page regarding remodelling the towns presentation in signage. This is great news
 |  Alan Hopping  | 

However, we need a development and discussion platform established.

If we don’t develop dialogue through a communication platform that will lead to action, then a ‘tourism tomorrow’ programme will not happen.

We will again return to yesterday’s performance or mediocracy with off-seasons and summer seasons which, in these tight economic times, reduces viability and worthwhileness to being ‘not worth the effort’ for many.

We currently have great young adults losing their jobs due to low tourist numbers. This is why it is so important to put forward your ideas.

Do this through CFM and through The Coromandel Informer. Write to the Facebook page of CFM or to the Editor.

Let’s not have this initiative fade away. All ideas need to be listened to and debated. This a future that can happen.