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Chocky’s Corner

Chocky, is my nickname but my real name is Richard-Shelford Woodcock. For the purposes of sharing some news and thoughts once a month with Coromandel Peninsula readers, Chocky is fine.
 |  Richard Shelford-Woodcock  | 

Chocky joining in the spirit of having different signs that describe our great towns on the Peninsula.

Whitianga Signage – ‘Thermal Ocean Village’

The front-page proposal in the June 18 2024 issue of The Coromandel Informer makes a lot of sense to me. When I was travelling to Wellington from the South Island last yearr, I noticed that no matter where you drove, there were signs pointing to Hanmer Springs. The marketing and signage have significantly benefited that area. I can only imagine what Hanmer Springs would look like today without their strategic signage and marketing efforts.

This initiative will benefit everyone. Visitors don’t just come for a spa or massage; they stay longer, requiring accommodation and food, and seeking additional activities. I encourage our Business Association to look at the positive impact this has had on Hanmer Springs. I am excited to be part of this project.

Recruiting for Residents and Ratepayers

On King’s Birthday weekend, a small team from Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers spent time at the Saturday Whiti City Markets, talking to people and recruiting new members. They were very pleased with the morning’s results, welcoming 19 new members.

Thanks to the team of Flemming, Geoff, and Caroline. Our next Whitianga RRA meeting is on Thursday, 4 July at 5:00pm.

The Alliance and TCDC

Not every Residents and Ratepayers group is part of the Alliance, which represents multiple associations across the Coromandel Peninsula in discussions with the council. Each member of the Alliance speaks on behalf of their committee and paid-up members. This principle holds even for those not in the Alliance.

If you are a Chair, you represent your paid up members. There are 12 Associations out of 17 in the Coromandel Peninsula that are members of the Alliance. The Alliance’s role is to clearly communicate with TCDC and request accountability on issues that concern all of us. I invite any resident or ratepayer who is not part of their local association to join and become a paid-up member.

Boating Club Hearings

The hearing regarding the relocation of the Mercury Bay Boating Club building to the Dundas Street estuary area will be held over two days, Tuesday, 23 and Wednesday, 24 July. If you would like to make a verbal submission, please contact the Senior Permissions Advisor at to request a time slot.

A Cabaret

On Saturday, 20 July at the Mercury Bay Club, there will be a cabaret featuring local talent—singing, instruments, and various dance performances. About eight years ago, I stopped singing and performing to spend time with my new son. Now that he is older and stronger, I’ve been persuaded to start rehearsing for this cabaret. It took some convincing, but I am looking forward to it. Entry is free, so mark your calendars for Saturday, 20 July.


Chair, Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association