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Community Notices

Apology from Editor

Last week The Coromandel Informer was very proud to feature the Kubota Billfish Classic – the prize winners, the programme and the positive implement it has in the community and beyond. It’s a world event.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

By way of an alternative perspective, The Informer also included Part One of an article – ‘Untangling the conservation and ethical dilemmas of big game fishing,’ by Shaun Lee.

The second article has caused some debate and consternation and a complaint from the Director of the very successful Kubota Billfish Classic Competition who stated he and many in the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club are hurt by publishing this article.

Please note, no harm was intended by including the article in the paper. With all good journalism editors have a responsibility for their papers to give a voice to as many points of view on the subjects under discussion.

The Informer had sat on correspondence and articles for some time that were against the fishing of billfish and chose to publish after the competition. The Informer has fully supported the Kubota Billfish Classic and will continue to do so.

The space given to publicise this wonderful event is unprecedented to the publicity received from any other event in the time of the current ownership of the paper.

The editor apologises for any hurt and misunderstanding caused by the publication of the second article but commits to her responsibilities, representing as many points of view as possible.

The Informer works tirelessly to give our very best to this community – that is the role of a community newspaper understanding that we cannot always please everyone.

Part Two of the article will not be printed.

Have a read of Page 8, the article prepared by The New Zealand Sports Fishing Council Inc.

It would be my hope that your Easter is productive from a business point of view, with your work and in your relationships. All are interconnected and make a community more peaceful, positive and with a focus on the future.

Pauline Stewart

Co-editor, The Informer

Correction: Meal Hub Whitianga  the full contact details were not included in last week’s issue. Here they are:

Asking for help for the Easter Egg Hunt – I’m needing nine more premises from 1-3pm Easter Saturday. Children love the hunt and it would be great if you’re open and can have some Easter eggs available for when the children call in.