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Football mentor for local clubs appointed

Shane will act as a co-ordinator and footballing mentor for clubs and schools in the eastern Coromandel Peninsula area – from Whangamata up to Coromandel town. Based in Whitianga, Shane is very active in his local football community, using his experience, skills and network to help enhance the local game. “There’s plenty of passion and enthusiasm for football in our area. One of my aims is to support and channel that by being a local point of contact and offering assistance to coaches, administrators and players,” he said. “Having been a ‘local’ for a while now, I understand the challenges...

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Two local boys – selected for Spain

They were selected from the the Year 7-8 Sports Camp at Totara Springs earlier this year. They stood out due to their skill and outstanding sporting attitude, actively taking leadership roles and helping other players who were not as confident or able. As a result of their dedication and performance, they have been given the chance to travel overseas and partake in this once in a lifetime experience which has the very real potential of opening doors for their future in the world of football. For as long as anyone can remember, Tylar has played football. There isn’t a day when he isn’t kicking...

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