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Bike Park donation helps protect kauri

Park Manager Jon Maud said Waikato Regional Council (WRC) staff had walked the park and inspected the trees.  “They were concerned about the close proximity of bike trails and walking tracks to these young kauri,” Jon Maud said. “We have to prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback disease. WRC have installed bike and footwash stations in the park, and the fences will be an added protection.”     Mr Maud said the bush track above the two very big kauri on the upper slopes of the park was now closed.  “We would need to build timber walkways above the trees to protect them, so instead we...

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FIVE Most enjoyable bike rides

Sadly, you wouldn’t call Whitianga an overly friendly cycling town, because there is a lack of a dedicated joined cycling network to cater for those who simply enjoy a cycle outing ridden on a well-maintained pathway and separated from an ever-increasing vehicle traffic count. Obviously, over the holiday periods that traffic flow only gets heavier, so one tip from the outset is to always ride in single file and if you are new to cycling, stay away from the main roads especially if you are riding with the company of young children.     1.Relax at Cooks Beach For a nice...

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