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Feb 6, 2024

A Breakers night to remember

Big thanks to Leisa McCleery who entered her Club into the  #courtofdreams competition. With the road closures and all the extra travel the teams had to undertake in the last year, Leisa felt the players deserved to be entered into this competition. “Our usual basketball season had to be modified to only a few home games and all other games were to be played in Thames or Te Aroha which meant up to five or six hours of travel to play games,” says Leisa. “Some teams did not want to travel to play us at home. This did not deter any of our players and they just took it in their stride with no…

Feb 6, 2024

Two local boys – selected for Spain

They were selected from the the Year 7-8 Sports Camp at Totara Springs earlier this year. They stood out due to their skill and outstanding sporting attitude, actively taking leadership roles and helping other players who were not as confident or able. As a result of their dedication and performance, they have been given the chance to travel overseas and partake in this once in a lifetime experience which has the very real potential of opening doors for their future in the world of football. For as long as anyone can remember, Tylar has played football. There isn’t a day when he isn’t kic…

Jan 23, 2024

Our local Speedway Champion in Dunedin and Christchurch

At the other end of the sporting scale Whitianga based speedway driver Bodie Abrahamson also crossed the Cook Strait in January to compete in the highly competitive NZ Super Saloon Championships held at the Central Motor Speedway track in Cromwell.  It’s a long way to tow a race car but Bodie, along with his local crew of Craig and Jason Richards and Darren Hartley, were focused on a top performance after what has been a very successful season in a new car to date.   The two-night meeting didn’t go without its issues for the team however, which meant a start from almost the re…

Jan 23, 2024

Coromandel locals out and about as far as Dunedin

With SH25A back up and running and a hot summer on offer to welcome visitors back to the beautiful Coromandel to enjoy their summer break, the diehard locals are well and truly back believing they do really live in a slice of New Zealand paradise.  Some no doubt even wonder why they would ever think about moving too far away when everything is already on their doorstep. For others however, the Coromandel is still a long way away especially those wanting to compete in national sporting competitions which they have trained and prepared hard for in their home environment. Many of th…

Jan 23, 2024

Twenty-two years of the Poker Run

Approximately 150 riders, more than last year, parked up at the club for breakfast, to greet old friends, and register for this annual, social charity ride around the Peninsula. 

Jan 9, 2024

Club with no home still going strong

The upstart club was frowned upon in international yachting circles, the moreso when it became known that Mercury Bay didn’t even boast a clubhouse.   In those days the yacht races were started with flags from Carol Moyes’ Ford parked on the beach.  They were heady, exciting days. American tourists and news reporters flocked to Mercury Bay to see the beach with no clubhouse. The media coverage went worldwide. History is repeating itself.  Again, the club has no home.  The beautiful clubhouse that was eventually built is now in limbo, standing on piles after the beach washed away from…