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Erosion and no action – Part One

Warren and his wife live on Buffalo Beach Road (also SH25)  just near the Boating Club (now on stilts). They have a big home often visited by their adult children and their families. Warren Harris or Wozza as he is known to his friends, is a long-time resident of Whitianga, Patron of the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club and an active member of the wider community. I am not on my own. Many locals feel the same. They realise that, but when they feel that they cannot take any action to secure the future of their homes, and months go by, and nothing is done by authories, we need to speak up. I bought...

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Motor caravaners have new park

Mike cut the ribbon to open their new park located in flat open ground land at the end of Debenham Drive, beside SH25A backing onto the Whitianga Airport.   A good number of motor caravans were parked up, a marquee well-resourced for meals was set up for a BBQ and many of the freedom motor caravaners were enjoying the new location. The previous member-only location at 301 Joan Gaskell Drive which they had enjoyed for many years was generously leased to them by Whitianga Waterways Ltd. (WWL).  In June 2023, WWL notified all members that they would soon begin to develop...

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Bringing a revival to our homes

By Pauline Stewart “The aesthetics of a person’s house are the first thing you see and you look for whether it has been restored to a high standard. It effects the architecture of your home,” says Inge. “We look at homes everywhere we go, we look very carefully,” says Doug. Doug and Inge Krause are speaking about looking at cedar.  They are a cedar restoring team. Their business is called Cedar Revival Ltd.,and they have recently moved to Whitianga to commence their business across the Coromandel Peninsula. The Informer was pleased to meet with them after seeing...

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