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Ron Cook and his life with horses around the world

Ron Cook – 86 years Part Two His Dad was a horse dealer and trainer and as far back as he can remember, Ron’s life and love has been horses. He started in the show ring when he was a nipper of five years. With great pleasure and pride, he would lead ponies around the show ring. It was in these events that he won his first blue ribbons. His Dad used to participate in three-day horse sales. These sales became the occasion for rodeo and calf roping. When he was sixteen, Ron was enthusiastically into rodeo and calf roping at the three-day sales and regional shows. The horses were usually provided...

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Ron Cook knows horses and equine gear well

86 years and still going strong. Ron grew up on a farm and horses were always there. His father trucked horses and was a horse dealer and blacksmith. Milking three cows before he rode to school on a pony was for Ron his normal life. It was only natural that Ron would slip into a life with horses and saddles and riding gear. He grew to love them and still does. Horse related chores, saddles and shoeing still occupies him from daylight to dusk. It’s his life and he loves it. His home in Whitianga is also part museum – walls  lined with photos and memorabilia of a life in showing horses and...

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When you rescue a sea bird

The oceans around New Zealand host millions of marine birds, from giant petrels and albatrosses, to the tiny 50g storm petrels. Sadly, these masters of the oceans also deal with many obstacles that result in them arriving on our beaches and in our backyards unintentionally. It is here the problems really start as it is human nature to want to help these birds, but we need to consider their unique needs before we rush in to take selfies or attempt a rescue mission. First, do not touch the bird until you have taken the following steps: Call the DOC hotline 0800 362 468 for advice. Keep dogs...

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