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Adrion Atelier – a fashion name to watch

“Fashion is a big deal in South Africa,” Adrion says. “People dress up for any and every occasion. Weddings are particularly important. It’s all about the dress.” At university Adrion’s Thesis was ‘the psychology behind fashion’. He says it’s about how people want to project themselves, to be any person they want to be. Adrion worked for five years designing bridal and evening wear for small studios in South Africa. In 2015 he came to New Zealand to visit family and have a look around, but Adrion stayed on to take a job with Yu-Mei handbags in Wellington. “It’s all about the detail.”...

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Huge beauty giveaway.

Meet Rebecca Curtin, owner of The Beauty Room. “I have teamed up with some amazing local women in business and together we are offering a massive $1085 giveaway to one lucky winner,” she says excitedly. I feel like all of us need to support each other as much as possible. Yes, some of the six businesses involved do offer similar services, so it is competition in a sense, but we feel there is room for all of us to thrive.” Meet Ana Johnson of Ewya Beauty. “Coming together and planning this giveaway is an opportunity to get our name out there and for the community to know...

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