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What is so important about Easter to Christians?

Even people who do not claim any particular association with the Christian faith see the value in, and desirability of, all the teachings and examples given as part of living a Christian life. A desire for peace, active caring for others, seeking justice for those who are living with injustice, constantly hoping for a better world both socially and environmentally, sharing love with family, friends, and those who feel lost or have little love in their lives. For Christians, these are all bound up in the life and ministry example of one man. Jesus Christ, whose ministry on earth lasted only...

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Great turnout for the Whitianga Santa Parade

The Informer was pleased to take part in the latter. Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of people. Santa was very relaxed and waved from the shelter of his red car-sleigh. Th e Grinch paid Whitianga a special visit and worked against his script giving away gift s instead of stealing them. Th is lime green, furry clawed, generous creature delighted the crowds. Thank you for all the floats – special mention of the Combined Churches Nativity – a stable, complete with costumes angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph, and the Bethlehem star; the Filipino community prepared a replica...

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