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When you rescue a sea bird

The oceans around New Zealand host millions of marine birds, from giant petrels and albatrosses, to the tiny 50g storm petrels. Sadly, these masters of the oceans also deal with many obstacles that result in them arriving on our beaches and in our backyards unintentionally. It is here the problems really start as it is human nature to want to help these birds, but we need to consider their unique needs before we rush in to take selfies or attempt a rescue mission. First, do not touch the bird until you have taken the following steps: Call the DOC hotline 0800 362 468 for advice. Keep dogs...

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Nook – inspired by The Fillery

“I’ve always been focused on trying to do my bit for the environment. I try to live conscientiously,” said Georgia. Georgia studied Environmental Science at Toi Ohoma Institute of Technology in Tauranga. This pushed her into environmental work. Before she opened Nook, Georgia worked for the Mercury Bay Environmental Trust and has done bush restoration and environmental community work. Georgia has always enjoyed shopping plastic-free. She used to shop at The Fillery with Kathryn. “She inspired me. I loved The Fillery so much and I was sad when it closed.” Georgia has been vegan for nine years....

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Blueberries for Health: The tastiest one’s are grown in Coroglen

I normally buy them at a supermarket. The problem is they are always sour! Yuk – teeth on edge! But, that all changed when I met Wendy Sherriff on a stall at the Whitianga Saturday Morning Market. Seeing the blueberries piled up in plastic containers I asked could I taste a couple. Eureka! They were sweet. My mouth could hardly believe it. Their appearance was exactly the same as the supermarket product but their taste was sublimely different. I have since asked Wendy why this was so? She doesn’t know why. “We just grow them,” she says. Did Wendy and Kelly add some sweetener in the soil or...

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Motor caravaners have new park

Mike cut the ribbon to open their new park located in flat open ground land at the end of Debenham Drive, beside SH25A backing onto the Whitianga Airport.   A good number of motor caravans were parked up, a marquee well-resourced for meals was set up for a BBQ and many of the freedom motor caravaners were enjoying the new location. The previous member-only location at 301 Joan Gaskell Drive which they had enjoyed for many years was generously leased to them by Whitianga Waterways Ltd. (WWL).  In June 2023, WWL notified all members that they would soon begin to develop...

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Going for a swim

Conducted by Dean Albiston, our Deputy Chairman and Ex-Police Search and Rescue and Manus Pretorius, our IT expert. The first part of the training was the cross-river training. Sounds pretty simple really, but some very clever concepts have been developed by LandSAR to ensure that any volunteers who have to cross a river during a search, do so as safely as possible. The first principle, especially if a river is in flood (which with the rain we have been having recently, is quite regular!), is to question whether it is safe to cross. “If in doubt stay out! It’s not worth your life.” If...

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Time for a Thai massage

Where the Medical Centre in Albert Street used to be, has been transformed into a spacious Thai massage clinic. It opened on 23rd November, and now with two masseurs, they are open every day! Geoff and Monny Garrett have been living in Whitianga since August, 2023. They have come from Auckland for a different lifestyle. Monny has 25 years’ experience in massage and her colleague, June, who has recently joined the clinic, comes with 15 years of massage behind her. Both Monny and June originally come from Thailand. Geoff manages the business and administration side of...

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Cathedral Cove IS the destination

The Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises is on the ‘Must-do’ list of things to do when you visit the Coromandel Peninsula. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the Cove, land on the Cathedral Cove beach and see a coastline of immense beauty and there are some other marine delights to savour as well. Ken is quite the tour guide. His excitement and optimism are due to the strongly helped hope that the years of covid and then one year of severe downturn following cyclones Hale and Gabrielle resulting in the closure of the main highway to Whitianga, are all in the past. Ken decided...

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Adrion Atelier – a fashion name to watch

“Fashion is a big deal in South Africa,” Adrion says. “People dress up for any and every occasion. Weddings are particularly important. It’s all about the dress.” At university Adrion’s Thesis was ‘the psychology behind fashion’. He says it’s about how people want to project themselves, to be any person they want to be. Adrion worked for five years designing bridal and evening wear for small studios in South Africa. In 2015 he came to New Zealand to visit family and have a look around, but Adrion stayed on to take a job with Yu-Mei handbags in Wellington. “It’s all about the detail.”...

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