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Feb 6, 2024

Flying Israeli flag causes controversy

The 68-year-old former soldier has hoisted dozens of ensigns from different countries up the flagpole outside his house in Albert Street over the years, including the Palestinians’. But after what he describes as the “orgy of evil” carried out by Hamas terrorists three months ago on Israeli territory, there is now only one flag allowed to flutter in the breeze. “What we are doing is showing support for Israel because we don’t think that they are getting a lot of support from around the world,” said Garth, his wife Marilyn sitting by his side. When the couple talk about support, this is n…

Dec 19, 2023

Twenty priceless destinations ruined by tourists. Are salad bars our best hope?

Kyoto -Japan, Halstaff – Austria, Hanoi Street Train -Vietnam, Spanish Steps – Rome, Ejaoragljufur Canyons -Iceland, Komodo Islands – Indonesia, Venice – Italy, Machu Picchu – Peru. and many more. One list names 60 destinations – all have been spoilt by too many tourists. That’s according to the site, ‘Insider Today’. Damn! I was hoping to visit six of those locations. My globe-trotting friends have told me of tourist annoyances in exotic places. Come to think of it, we have experienced some of this ourselves in gorgeous Bali and on the great Wall of China. I was glad that no …