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Feb 20, 2024
Local Government

Message from Hon Scott Simpson – MP For Coromandel

The damage done to local housing, roads, small businesses and to our daily lives has left a lasting mark on so many people. Sometimes the worst of situations brings out the best in people and communities. There was a lot of that during last year’s weather crisis turmoil. Looking back now, for me it is one of the most enduring memories as I saw so many examples of people, neighbours and communities working together to help each other out at a time of great need. In terms of politics, the parliamentary year is well underway and we’ve been making our way through our 100 Day Plan. This month…

Feb 6, 2024

Flying Israeli flag causes controversy

The 68-year-old former soldier has hoisted dozens of ensigns from different countries up the flagpole outside his house in Albert Street over the years, including the Palestinians’. But after what he describes as the “orgy of evil” carried out by Hamas terrorists three months ago on Israeli territory, there is now only one flag allowed to flutter in the breeze. “What we are doing is showing support for Israel because we don’t think that they are getting a lot of support from around the world,” said Garth, his wife Marilyn sitting by his side. When the couple talk about support, this is n…

Jan 23, 2024

Four billion votes – will it make any difference?

In a remarkable milestone in human history, over four billion people – more than half of the world’s population across more than 40 countries – will go to the polls. National elections will be held in the United States, India, Indonesia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa And The European Union.  More than 4 billion people are eligible to vote in an election in 2024. (Not all of the above are democracies). Is this democracy’s biggest test? Will any of these four billion votes make any monetary, financial and economic wealth difference…

Jan 23, 2024

Vocabulary sets the scene for political change.

“Anger can be an expensive luxury” – Italian Proverb None of us need to experience a behavioural pattern that demonstrates vileness. It has always been advocated that vulgarity is a poor way to express any point being made when expressing in English. English has a vast lexicon of words that are more encouraging and denigrating; and when used correctly can drive home the message meant to be sent and received. The downfall is often that the recipient does not have a clue what is being said to them. Humour teases us to find a way of expressing a thought or a message withou…

Jan 16, 2024

2023 record year for low emission vehicles.

With the Clean Car Discount scheme on the chopping block, December was the last chance for consumers wanting to take advantage of the previous Government’s financial handout.  The end result was a staggering 72.5% market share of the total registrations for the month going to the LEV corner.    In comparison but once again unsurprisingly, the Light Commercial sector took something of a beating with December registrations plummeting to a grand total of just 624 units, 63.9% lower (2,131 units) than December 2022 and 73.5% lower than December 2021.  The obvious reason for the dr…

Jan 16, 2024
Local Government

A year as a Community Board member

From the outset, I had anticipated that after the election I would be able to have some influence (no matter how small) in what was happening or about to happen in the wonderful community of Whangamatā. As a lawyer, I was aware of the role as set out in The Local Government Act which is set out below. The role of a community board is to – (the territorial authority referred to is Thames Coromandel District Council. (a)  represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of its community; and (b)  consider and report on all matters referred to it by the territor…

Dec 19, 2023
Roading and Transport

Prime Minister visits the new bridge site

Waka kotahi(NZTA had invited the media along with regional and national transport officials to come for a bridge visit a few days before. It was extra special to have the Prime Minister arrive. A considerable crowd gathered last Friday morning as the the final touches were being made. It was exciting and significant for everyone. From the PM: “We (Simeon Brown and I) came here April 13, had a conversation with Brett Gleddon, National Group General Manager for NZTA and some of his team, and we looked out at a big hole.” Now, nine months later, we see what has been done i…

Dec 12, 2023

A new government – going up in smoke?

I mean how important is it to re-arrange all those departmental Maori names? I enjoy them myself. I can actually learn some Maori words from them like “kotahi” or “waka” and get an idea of how the language expresses ideas. But I guess that doesn’t hit the spot for a lot of our coalition politicians. Not as drastic, but a bit like the old rule of no Maori to be spoken at school – limit the language, limit the culture. One of me and my partner’s more than 49 things to do was to go to Central Otago for a holiday with my sister and her husband. My sister helped develop the anti-smoking l…