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Jan 9, 2024
Interview with Hon. Matt Doucey

NZ Tourism Minister Matt Doocey discusses Cathedral Cove Closure

The Coromandel Informer interviews NZ Tourism Minister Matt Doocey about Cathedral Cove Closure. Matt talks about some of the issues surrounding the closure, how it’s affecting local business, and how its restoration is a priority for the new government. Thanks to Scott Simpson MP for helping coordinate the visit. Interview conducted by Pauline Stewart at The Church Bistro, January 9th 2024.

Jan 9, 2024

Club with no home still going strong

The upstart club was frowned upon in international yachting circles, the moreso when it became known that Mercury Bay didn’t even boast a clubhouse.   In those days the yacht races were started with flags from Carol Moyes’ Ford parked on the beach.  They were heady, exciting days. American tourists and news reporters flocked to Mercury Bay to see the beach with no clubhouse. The media coverage went worldwide. History is repeating itself.  Again, the club has no home.  The beautiful clubhouse that was eventually built is now in limbo, standing on piles after the beach washed away from…

Jan 9, 2024

Renewing licences for older drivers

At 86, I have been through the New Zealand relicensing system a few times. This requires a visit to a GP and his/her signature approving the senior person’s application.  The first time I needed to renew my licence, I went to a younger Doctor. For the driver’s license approval, he had me book a double consultation appointment. He performed many tests on my reflexes, my sense of space and my ability to remember information/lists. I passed everything and he signed the paper which allowed me to obtain my licence. I felt I had been to an exam or was  on trial and wondered why when I had …

Jan 9, 2024

Sorting through the rubbish

Our rubbish bins were purchased and paid for by the previous TCDC Council. One figure of $2.7m was in the income and expenditure statement for the purchase of the bins.  There would have been implementation costs in the current TCDC’s budget to see it through. The Informer has had a lot of interaction with members of the public regarding their experience of the new system and apart from teething problems, there are matters that need to be addressed – changes made. In an effort to help further adjustments be open and transparent, The Informer asked questions of Mayor Len who has been …

Jan 9, 2024

Greetings from the MBAS Principal – Ross Dunn

It was a whirlwind of a year. It was my first year – I was warmly welcomed by both the school and wider community. I have met with a great deal of our community solidifying our connections. I have taken time to sit and talk with each of the staffing team to establish what they hold precious in the school.  First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest congratulations to our exceptional students. Their hard work, perseverance, and dedication has brought them to outstanding achievements, and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments. Whether it’s academic excellence, or their c…

Jan 3, 2024

Great about highway – what about our Cathedral Cove track?

The fact that State Highway 25A between Kōpū and Hikuai opened ahead of time, is being applauded by those on the peninsula, says Mercury Bay Business Association (MBBA) member Ray Van Beynen. But he says there’s “utter disbelief” amongst locals that “absolutely no progress” has been made to reopen the track to the Cathedral Cove recreation reserve. Both the highway and the cove track were badly impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle in January 2023.“It’s coming up a year since the closure of the track to the cove and the Department of Conservation, who closed the track without consultation citing sa…

Jan 3, 2024

School Bell brings back fond memories for the Simpson family

The bell started its life at Dunsdale Farm, situated on the Kuaotunu road near Simpsons Beach (Wharekaho).  The farm was owned by two Simpson brothers, Arthur and Henry who moved there when they came back from the First World War. Both had large families, Henry having six children and Arthur, eight. As the children grew they had no school to go to – Kuaotunu School being too far for them to travel. When the oldest children were seven and eight, the brothers applied to the Education Board for permission to start a school on the property for all the Simpson children.  Permission was granted, …

Jan 3, 2024

A lot at stake for New Chum/Wainuiototo

“All of these values are dependent on there being no houses close to or overlooking the beach.   New Chum/Wainuiototo is recognized as one of the top three wilderness beaches in the world. It’s the last of the wilderness beaches that is accessible to the public. Everything is at stake!” This is the clear understandingSays John Drummond, Chair of Preserve New Chum for Everyone (PNC4E). New Chum/Wainuiototo is a world class wilderness beach, pristine and free from development. Although the headland at the north end of the beach was publicly purchased to protect it from de…