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Marine Archive

Feb 5, 2024

Freedom on the Water

A trusty dinghy and a Mercury portable Outboard are the perfect recipe for exploring Whitianga’s backyard paradise. For that matter there are so many places on the Coromandel Peninsula where these two basic items can mean a wonderful adventure for a family. We live in Whitianga and that’s where our business home is and we have found we don’t need to travel far to find the Bay’s hidden gems, slipping into quiet coves and secluded beaches that only locals know. Lonely Bay, Double Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Cooks Beach Cave, (and Coroglen on a big tide) are some of our favourite getaway missions. E…

Jan 23, 2024

A true fishing tale – The story of Will Fransen

BY JOHN FREER OF COROMANDEL’S CFM If the story of Will Fransen spending nearly 24 hours treading water off the Coromandel’s east coast after parting company with his boat is not enough, then add two more components. The first was the recovery of the 12-metre Betty G, off the East Cape coastline 200 kilometres away from where Will went overboard while tagging a marlin. Locals from the Waihau Sport Fishing Club cheered as the Betty G was dragged back into the sea and headed off, under tow, for inspection in Tauranga. The next part was back on the Coromandel Peninsu…

Jan 23, 2024

Cathedral Cove – plan to reopen track to beach

BY DOC COMMUNICATIONS From communications: “We welcome the shift to a more pragmatic, and forward-looking approach when it comes to Cathedral Cove and coverage.  We also acknowledge the public is very interested in this topic. Thank you for the chance to share our side of the story in response to some of the other contributors. We appreciate the balance and fairness you are extending.   By September, we’ll know what the long-term future is for the Cathedral Cove visitor experience. That’s the message from DOC as it starts work determining how to address the chall…

Jan 16, 2024
Local Business

You beauty – glass bottom boat cruise

The Launch was full, fourteen people. The young crew were friendly and professional. Apart from us our companions were tourists. The seas were calm, and expectations were high. We were not disappointed. From the water, the rocks and the cliffs are awe-inspiring. Add in the history narration and there’s a lot of it – Captain Cook’s visit 1769, being a New Zealand milestone. The beaches and the costal settlements look romantic from the water; hidden beaches seldom visited, amazing, inspiring sheer rock faces, caves small and huge.   And then there was the fabled C…

Jan 9, 2024

Club with no home still going strong

The upstart club was frowned upon in international yachting circles, the moreso when it became known that Mercury Bay didn’t even boast a clubhouse.   In those days the yacht races were started with flags from Carol Moyes’ Ford parked on the beach.  They were heady, exciting days. American tourists and news reporters flocked to Mercury Bay to see the beach with no clubhouse. The media coverage went worldwide. History is repeating itself.  Again, the club has no home.  The beautiful clubhouse that was eventually built is now in limbo, standing on piles after the beach washed away from…

Jan 3, 2024

The state of lakes/ponds at Cooks Beach – – needs resolution and action.

This follows a previous article on the Cooks Beach ponds 31 October, 2023 Issue 1078. There seems to be an interminable number of processes that prevent any real progress and resolution. Background: When the lakes/ponds were established, they were intended as a storm water retention system which seems to work well. When the developers did the sub-division, the lakes/ponds were marketed as ‘lake front’. They are now called ‘passive recreation’ on the TCDC plan of the area. But the reality is these fresh water ponds or lakes are an eye sore and a health hazard. For twenty…

Dec 28, 2023

In support of commercial fishing – stating the case

The recent coverage of topics on trawl corridors and bottom trawling has been considerable and the view of the commercial fishing industry of which I am a part, needs to be heard. I started commercial fishing in 1976 in Whitianga and have recently retired from active commercial skippering of our 17-metre commercial bottom longliner. This vessel is operating on the northeast, and west coast of the North Island. I am also currently president of the Whitianga and Coromandel Peninsula Commercial Fishermen’s Association. I was also on the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Spatial Plan stake…

Dec 19, 2023

My Tribute to Whitianga Coastguard

By Marlene Pfenning  New country, new people, new life. Excited, scared and happy. That’s how it feels when you find yourself alone in a new, unknown country. New Zealand, just wow. Being an international student is the most wonderful and challenging experience I have ever had. Hi, my name is Marlene, I am from Germany and just turned 18. I arrived in late January 2023. Being on the other side of the world without your family is an experience with a roller coaster ride of feelings. It turned out that Whitianga was the right choice for me. I’ve always been a water person…